Friday, May 8, 2009

um, mr. chefield?

you may be thinking to yourself, "nannying can't be THAT hard, can it?" guess what? i thought the same exact thing. everything i knew about being a nanny came from these three ladies below...

oh fran. she's a hoot, right? well let me tell you a little somethin'... you do now have time to look like this as a nanny. i wake up, shower, let my hair air-dry, and put on a little mascara. its tough for me but i have to get three kids ready for school in the morning so i guess i'm taking one for the team. besides, i figure there's no chance of picking guys up when i'm out and about during the day since with the 3 year old i just look like a full on teen mother. awesome right?

miss mary poppins, how you put me to shame. i cannot sing or be cheery all the time, i cannot find dancing chiminey sweeps, and i most definitely cannot pull lamps out of my purse (though it IS rather large). i am NOT practically perfect in every way. thanks.

i don't mind annie from "the nanny diaries" too much though, she's great. she even gets the hot guy! but really, did SHE have to change three year old poop out of a pullup? i think not.

so there you have it, a big load of bullcrap that hollywood has fed me to believe that if i were a nanny i could be funny and cute, or cheery and lovable, or cool and tough. but no, its a BIG. FAT. LIE.

this morning the munchkin has been a PAIN. i get super bad cramps when its that time of the month (sorry for TMI) and i was DYING this morning but how do you convey that to a little kid? oh, you can't. so as i'm trying to chill with my heating pad he's bouncing off the walls and begging for goldfish. GAH! can't he take a hint!? no but really, i'm not that insensative.

the princess had a fieldtrip to see animals this morning... sick, but whatever, she likes seeing farm animals i guess. well, the munchkin just couldn't understand why HE didn't get to go to the farm too so i had to promise him we would do something fun. this was before i was curled up in a ball of pain on the couch.... so my exciting treat? mcdonalds. yeah, i'm cool right? i roll in there with my basketball shorts and a huge tshirt on with two kids pulling at my arms and i KNOW that the cute, perky mom standing behind me was rolling her eyes thinking "what, she can't handle this?" as her two angelic children stood nicely by her sides. awesome. but happy meals and the playground seemed to do the trick until the munchkin peed in his pullup (a no-no since we're wanting to switch to BIGOY undies on monday!). so now i am back in this house that isn't mine with the munchkin napping and the princess watching Nanny Diaries (funny, right?) on their brand new $5,000 flat screen in the basement.

awesome. welcome to paradise.

oh, AND two great little tidbits for ya...
1. i totally lost S.A. at his soccer practice last night. i almost peed my pants. no worries though, it all worked out great and i got out of it with just a dirty look from his coach!
2. next weekend the father and the girlfriend are taking a trip to vegas so i get to be on the clock ALL. FREAKIN. WEEKEND. can't wait.


  1. LOL... cute blog!!! Can't wait to read more stories... and so glad you didn't REALLY lose S.A!! :)

  2. Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello!
    Hugs, sandy