Sunday, May 17, 2009

i don't have enough hair for me to be ripping it out...

and so it began yesterday, the weekend which is totally exciting for the father (him and the little girlyfriend in vegas til' TUESDAY) and me, here, with the children. luckily, i had the morning off yesterday since the father took the kids to their soccer games and then their aunt agreed to take them to give me a small break. as soon as the aunt dropped them off though... i swear she RAN out of the house. the kids were in one of those collective sibling crazy moods. awesome. so i tried to just go along with it, be happy and order pizza (a HUGE deal for these kids that are fed a whole bunch of healthy crap). this only spiraled downward. they got more hyped up and even after attempting the "lets calm down and watch a movie" trick they REFUSED to go to bed on time. urgghhh. once i finally did have them down munchkin kept crying off and on ALL night! up until about three in the morning he would wake up every 20ish minutes just crying, for no reason. he wouldn't talk to me. i had no clue what to do except rock him and wait for it to happen again. so needless to say i am a bit sleep deprived right now, went to bed at 3 woke up at 7. HOWEVER, S.A. decided to be super sweet this morning and when i came upstairs to check on them he had made toast for the little ones and was getting ready to bring me some in bed. it was absolutely precious. luckily, the father told me i didn't need to worry about taking them to church since he admitted to having a hard time most sundays with them. that was a life saver. but today has been a constant fight between the princess and S.A. and the munchkin is tired from crying all night. my 4 hours of sleep are doing me absolutely no good, i need to crash.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day! Are you new to blogging? It looks like you will have lots of stories to share!!