Thursday, May 7, 2009

a new blog. just what the world needs.

i've about had it. i've had all i can handle of keeping all these somewhat humorous thoughts to myself. in this new "adventure" as a nanny of three kids, i can't help but to smile (but not really a happy smile, ya know?) at the ridiculous things that happen. i don't know how to start this one though, i decided to remain nameless. since thats how i am all day now anyways. for some reason my extremely simple name can't seem to stick in these kids' brains.... anyways, so here i am. a nameless, faceless blogger. how interesting right? well, i hope so. i think that through these next 4 months of 24 hour child care for a somewhat marginal pay i will find little tidbits to share with whomever (who knows if i used that right?) reads this. so to you, if you're reading this... just be patient, SOMETHING good HAS to happen! but what to write? i feel like i need to explain myself but i DON'T. another wonderful thing about remaining annonymus. so i'll introduce you to the other players in my little game of life right now...

The Munchkin... The three year old boy. He's pottytraining, kind of. His favorite word is NO. my only saving grace is the fact that he will still take an hour nap after lunch everyday.

The Princess... Truly, this little 6 year old girl is a doll. She has a tendancy to yell though, and usually at the Munchkin which starts a little chain reaction. She can definitely get into trouble, but is generally a good listener.

The Smartie... The 9 year old boy. He's definitely a S.A. which i wish stood for Smart Aleck but in this case i must resort to placing another word in the A spot... and its only 3 letters. What a handful. he's bright, and he sure knows how to use that to his advantage.

The Father... Just a dad. yep, poor guy. He really is nice, just a little lost on the solo parenting thing. he is currently dating a girl 10 years his younger and in my mind that just kind of = looking for a new mommy for the kiddos. am i wrong?

soooo, this is it for now i guess? i hope i find some readers! otherwise this is just me... thinking i'm amusing.

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